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The Doers, the Watchers, the Wanderers.

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ImageThe Doers, the Watchers, the Wanderers.
You may or may not know that Travelers are made up of different categories. This article could help you to identify the people you meet in your sojourn. To quote Ben Groundwater of the Sydney Morning Herald.

The Doers, arrive with expectations: they line up at the museums to see the important pieces, take the open-topped bus tour around the city to get their bearings, climb all the things that are there to be climbed, see all the things that are supposed to be seen, and, if they do all that, walk away thinking “mission accomplished”.

The Watchers, on the other hand, prefer a less mapped out experience. They’re the kind of traveler who could ‘spend a whole afternoon in one café, sipping coffee after coffee or beer after beer, chatting to people, and watching the city’s life go by’.

The Wanderers, are those with no fixed ideas on what to do, or where to go. There is no real purpose for traveling, it’s just another place in which to do what they want to do at home – hang out, get drunk, and lie in the sun. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Now, which category do you belong or are you some what in the middle?

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