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Points System

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User Registration
10 Points (one time award to get the ball rolling!)
Daily Login
10 Points (awarded once per day)


Read Article 

1 Point to to Reader

Vote on Article 2 Points
Comment on Article 5 Points


Upload Photo
5 Points                                    
Vote on a Photo
2 Points
Comment on a Photo
5 Points



Respond to Poll
2 Points                     


Invite a friend to join via your referral link

10 Points
if they subsequently see how awesome it is and decide to join via your referral link
100 Points   
Invite a friend to read an article
2 Points when they read it


Top Contributors (awarded for reaching 500 Points) may then:-

Submit Articles                                                                        
100 Points per accepted, published article (must be original and not published elsewhere)
Submit a Weblink
50 Points subtracted from your total for each weblink submitted

**Note** As a savage, punative measure, member points will otherwise naturally erode by 1 point per day

Nb.  For a run down on the available awards, check out the Awards System