Here is a list of most frequent questions and answers that we receive from readers, fans and voyeurs from across the world. We will keep updating the frequently asked questions whenever we get the same question asked more than a few times. You are always welcome to contact us if something is not answered right here.

Question: Is traveling really this much fun?

Answer: It really is, and then some. You get to see places and people that you never even dreamed about, and needless to say, girls from every part of the world are differently kind of beautiful and you deserve to meet, see, voyeur and even fuck them.

Question: Why should I travel to meet, see and fuck new girls?

Answer: Because life should be interesting and you need to have new sexual experiences and adventures. After all, check these pictures and tell me you’re not tempted to taste all flavors of sex and all different kinds of girls in the world, from white to black and asian ones.

Question: What is an uber tramp?

Answer: Uber tramp is a traveler, explorer, a curious person, that wants to see new places primarily to meet new people, spy on their intimate habits and of course, have a lot of sex and new sexual experiences in every way imaginable. Uber tramp will also make voyeur videos and pictures of as many hot girls and women he encounters as he possibly can.

Question: Is there a girl uber tramp or just men do it?

Answer: While we primarily have boys doing the uber tramp lifestyle, there is a healthy amount of girls that are full blown uber tramps, and you can see a lot of their experiences on our website. Uber tramp lifestyle is cool for both sexes.

Question: What is so different about girls from different places in the world?

Answer: Simply said, everything. From culture to sexual openness all the way to physical looks, size and shape of butts and tits, or even tightness of their vaginas for that matter. When you see (and have sex with) a slim white woman in France and compare her to a girl in Brazil with a big butt, you’ll know for yourself.  I’m going to make you a quick display of diversity with the following two voyeur pictures. Once you see it, you’ll know you want to try it all out.

Question: How can I travel if I’m low on money and have a daily job?

Answer: That is the beauty of it. Traveling can be very cheap if you plan things ahead and learn how to do it all on a budget. Every job has free vacation days and weekends so you can’t say there isn’t enough time for traveling. Plan your time wisely and be active in your life. Weekends at home are boring. Spend them abroad. Don’t worry, we’ll inspire you.

Question: Do your traveling, voyeurism and sex tips really work?

Answer: All the advice, stories, tips and tricks that we write about here are already tried out by our members, readers and supporters. You can be sure that nothing is fictional and everything was already tried more than a few times.

Question: Do I need special equipment for voyeur activities while I’m out and about?

Answer: If you have a phone, you have a phone camera as well. That is more than enough to begin with. However, when your appetite for spying and peeping increases, you’ll probably want to upgrade your candid camera or even purchase some hidden camera to make even better voyeur pictures and videos. Don’t worry, that will come naturally.

Question: What is the funniest warning or advice you heard regarding a trip to some foreign country?

Answer: That warning, or should I say advice, was sent by a female uber tramp kind of girl that said we need to warn people that sunburns can ruin the entire trip. She even sent a picture of herself and her friend to show she is serious. So yeah people, take care not to get sunburns when you’re traveling to summer destinations. Spend a few bucks on lotions beforehand.

Two teens show off their nice asses with sunburns after a beach trip
Listen to her warning and don’t get sunburns while sunbathing your ass on the beach

Question: Will there be more questions and answers?

Answer: It sure will, as soon as you contact us and ask something that will be useful to others as well.