Sex with hot local girl in her room while parents are away

So there I am, in Milan, with no one I know and nothing to do. I didn’t even know where I’ll spend the night but I didn’t stress about it because hostels and hotels are everywhere. What I really wanted was to empty my balls, preferably in some hot Italian girl. You’ll about to hear how I made it happen and how easy it was this time, just because I’m an American (a cute one).

Boy spreads girls ass during sex to show her anus to hidden camera that she doesn't know about
I intentionally spread her ass cheeks to show her anus to the hidden camera

I randomly entered a small club in the city center and the atmosphere wasn’t all that great but there were some hot girls in there. I met her on the bar and it turns out that her biggest wish is to visit USA at some point in her life. I don’t even need to say that I gave her the story how I’ll be her host when she comes over and how cool it would be to hang out with her and show her everything. It melted her heart and she called me over to her place in a matter of minutes. I was smiling inside, because not only that I’ll fuck her, I’ll also get a free place to stay for the night.

She couldn’t keep her hands away from me and I undressed inside her room, making sure to turn my camera on while I was putting it down. She was so horny that she didn’t even notice it and she pushed me on the bed and straddled me while kissing me all the time. I didn’t resist, I was horny as well and I found her Italian temper very erotic. She guided my hard dick inside her pussy and she begun rocking up and down it like crazy. Her pussy was very tight and I think she didn’t even have that much sex until now. She said she is on the pill so I didn’t even bother pulling it out. Took me around ten minutes of her moaning and rocking back and forth on my dick and I was cumming inside of her, balls deep.

Hot girl loves to ride dick and be in charge during sex
Trust me, she really likes to be on top and in charge, and it is fine with me

After we recuperated from sex, she told me that her parents live with her and that they are out of town. I was so horny that I forgot to even ask if someone else is at home. She was cool with me sleeping over with her, as long as I promise to get out first thing in the morning, because she didn’t want any of her siblings to find me there. We exchanged numbers so who knows, I just might fuck her once or twice more while I’m here in Italy.

About the author: Josh is a special kind of a traveler and he always has sex on his mind. He is from the United States and he loves exploring Europe, as well as other continents. He is also a womanizer that can charm just about any girl, anywhere. This time, he made an Italian girl from Milan fall for his charms and as you can see, he fucked her and carefully filmed her without her knowledge. Buy him a beer when you meet him and he’ll tell you and show you all about it. We will be seeing much more of this kind of sex videos with unaware girls from him in the future.

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